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My name is Amanda and I have been interested in photography since I can remember. I grew up in the late 90s early 2000’s so I documented my days with polaroids & disposable cameras. I was always the girl that had the disposable camera handy. I had some point and shoot cameras along the way but finally upgraded to my first “profressional” DSLR in 2009. That year my son, Luke was born and I was set out to document all the little details. I had no idea what I was doing shooting in manual mode but I was determined to become better.

I currently live in Fort Worth with my husband Matt, our son Luke, our dog children, Ranger, Bella, and Ace. I was born in Dallas and spent about 2 yrs of my life in Northwest Arkansas. My sister still lives there and I usually visit a couple of times a year. I will have to say that Fort Worth has my heart. We have lived around DFW and when we found our first apartment here we knew this is where we were meant to be. I currently hold a full time job as well in HR working with retirement benefits.

Fun Facts about me

  1. I like lists

  2. I’m an introvert

  3. I love tacos

  4. I drive a Camaro

  5. I do CrossFit

  6. I am an empath

  7. I’m currently learning calligraphy

If you don’t think photographs are important, wait until they are all you have.
— Unknown

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